For 90 years Davies’ has been molding custom plastic components for a wide variety of industries, including infrastructure, lawn & garden, industrial machinery, medical, oil & gas, and many more. Our injection, transfer and compression molding capabilities provide tremendous flexibility in part design and production.


Every great idea, no matter how simple or complex, has to start somewhere. Whether you are looking for cost savings on an existing part, or have a brand new product idea, our engineers can make it happen. At Davies Molding, we are more than just molders - we are solution providers for all of your plastic component needs.


Based on your input, our engineering staff will help you create the exact look, feel, and dimensions of your ideal plastic part. Utilizing the latest CAD and 3-D modeling software, we can easily make changes to be sure the part will meet your specifications. Our engineers will lead the design into production by ensuring that high quality molds and tools are created to produce the best custom molded part for your needs.


Your concept will come to "life" as it is transformed into a 3-D image. By specifying colors, materials, drilling or other operations, you can digitally view the entire part from any perspective. We can provide rapid prototypes so that real examples of parts can be evaluated before cutting tool steel.


We understand that quality and on-time delivery are essential to your business. We’ll provide you with a first class product that will stay within your budget. After your product is finished, the service doesn’t stop there. We can ensure that parts can be ordered at any time, at any quantity you choose. We will work with you to ensure that your product is made with the quality and care that is needed for continued success.

Industry Leaders Trust Davies: Serving Fortune 500 Companies Across a Wide Range of Industries for Over 90 Years!

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