Material Options: Epoxy

Epoxy: Elevating Molding Excellence with Superior Adhesion and Strength

Epoxies are thermosetting resins that, in the uncured form, contain one or more reactive epoxide or oxirane groups and serve as cross-linking points in the subsequent curing step, in which the uncured epoxy is reacted with a curing agent or hardener. Epoxies are used by the plastics industry in several ways. Epoxies can be used in combination with glass fibers to produce high-strength composites or reinforced plastics that provide heightened strength, electrical and chemical properties, and heat resistance or can be used in the encapsulation or casting of various electrical and electronic components and in the powder coating of metal substrates.

Typical Applications:
Adhesives, protective coatings in appliances, industrial equipment, aircraft components, pipes, tanks, pressure vessels, tooling jigs, and tooling fixtures.

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