Choose from a Wide Range of Composite, Metal and Plastic Handles

Davies Molding offers a variety of a composite, metal and plastic handle styles, sizes and load ratings in a wide range of world class designs. Choose from our wide style selection below to suit any application including: pull handles, soft touch pull handles, adjustable two-point handles, tapered handles, fluted tapered handles, fold down handles, ratchet handles, appliance and side handles.

Davies handles service a wide variety of industries utilizing an assortment of materials to support most projects. Industries served by Davies handles include: Food Industry, Industrial Machinery, Packaging Equipment, Medical, Recreational Equipment, Electronic Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Transportation, HVAC, Construction, Distribution.

Choose Your Handle Category and Then Narrow Down to the Perfect Option

Why Choose Davies Molding?

Women Owned
Davies' Women Owned Business certification offers companies the advantage of supporting diversity and inclusion while partnering with a trusted, experienced provider of top-quality compression molding solutions.

90 Years of Molding

Davies is a leading supplier plastic molding company offering high-quality custom molded parts along with Thermoset and Thermoplastic knobs, handles and more since 1933. For 90 years, we have been serving small to fortune 500 industries with both standard and custom products.
Financial Strength
Davies is backed by Heico, a multi-billion dollar company. This means you can trust in our financial stability, increased resources, and the latest technology. As a result, we are better equipped and primed for another 95 years of custom molding.
Thermoset & Thermoplastic
Our expertise in thermoset and thermoplastic molding, combined with our state-of-the-art facilities and commitment to quality, makes us the top choice for small to large molding projects.
Custom Molding Company
We are a pioneer in Custom Injection and Compression Molding delivering customized components for a wide array of industries. Our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and exceeding expectations will leave you eagerly looking forward to partnering with us.