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  Food Service
  Valve/Oil & Gas

  3D CAD Imaging
  Buff and Polish
  Chrome Plating
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  Decorative Inlays
  Decorative Pointers
  Hot Stamping
  Laser Engraving
  Pad Printing
  Paint Coatings
  Paint Fill
  Sand Blasting
  Silk Screen
  Ultrasonic Welding
  Vacuum Metalizing

SGS ISO System Certification




Our capabilities include coordination of raw materials and inventory management, assembly line production, inspection, final packaging and shipping. Ultrasonic Welding - One of the most popular techniques for bonding different plastic materials together. Ultrasonic welding uses high frequency (15 kHz to 40 kHz) low amplitude vibration to create heat by way of friction between the plastic materials to be joined without having to use any other materials such as adhesives to bind the materials together.

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