Hex Hybrid Standoffs: Combining Strength and Style for Superior Performance

Hex Hybrid Spacer Standoffs are a pivotal component in mounting electronic hardware, particularly Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). These standoffs play a multifaceted role, providing support, precise spacing, and electrical insulation for crucial components. They find their place in a variety of applications, including electronic enclosures, circuit board assemblies, panels, and more.

  • Material: Steel zinc plated male studs Brass female inserts Nylon UL94 V-2 hexagon spacer body

  • Operating Temperature: 130°C

  • Insulation Resistance: >10000 MO @ 500 V DC

  • Dielectric Strength: 11 kV DC

    Features and Benefits

    •  The durable and versatile insulator standoff spacers are available with multiple combinations of female and male inserts, hex widths and spacing lengths.
    •  The Davies Hybrid design of a molded-in metal inserts into a nylon body provides higher tensile/shear strength and exceptional insulation.
    •  Standard metric metal inserts with Nylon UL94 V-2 hexagon spacer body.
    •  All parts are RoHS & REACH compliant

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    Female/Male M3

    Female/Female M3

    Female/Male M4

    Female/Female M4

    Female/Male M5

    Female/Female M5