Urea-Formaldehyde: Forging Molding Excellence with Durability and Precision

A member of the amino family, just like melamine, urea-formaldehyde is a very hard, scratch-resistant material with good chemical resistance, electrical qualities, and heat resistance. These resins are formed by the condensation reaction of formaldehyde and urea and are clear water-white syrups or white powered materials that can be dispersed in water to form colorless syrups. Molding powders are made by adding fillers to the uncured syrups and form a consistency suitable for compression and transfer molding. The liquid and dried resins find extensive Applications in laminates and chemically resistant coatings. The molding compounds are formed into rigid electrical and decorative products.

Typical Applications:
Electrical and electronic products, decorative products, laminates, and chemically resistant coatings.

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