Thermoset Polyester: Advancing Molding Solutions with Resilience and Precision

Thermoset polyester is available in a variety of standard and custom formulations, colors, and extrusions for compression molding, transfer, and injection molding. This resin is usually chosen because of its low cost per cubic inch, its high strength-to-weight ratio, dimensional stability, and its retention of physical properties at high temperatures. Great to use as an alternative to metal parts!

Thermoset polyester's ability to retain its shape and structural integrity under extreme conditions ensures long-lasting and durable components. Plus, thermoset polyester has excellent electrical insulation properties, making it a preferred choice for electrical and electronic applications. Its versatility allows for custom designs and complex shapes, enabling manufacturers to create components that meet specific requirements.

Discover the unparalleled thermoset molding expertise of Davies Molding and unlock the secrets to superior component production.

Typical Thermoset Polyester Applications:
Appliance parts, electric and electrical components, HVAC components, industrial light housings, automotive, recessed lighting baffles.

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