Davies Molding: The Ultimate Source for Rubber Grommets - Quality, Durability, and Versatility!

Davies Thermoset Rubber Grommets are designed to be pressed into panel holes to protect wires and cables, or anything else passing through the panel. Our grommets are manufactured to the highest quality out of durable and flexible thermoset rubber. You can find grommets in action in many markets and applications; including electronic enclosures, appliances, telecom switches, data center cabinets, medical equipment, complex wire cable assemblies, food equipment, transportation, aerospace, defense etc.

Features and Benefits of our Rubber Grommets

  • Available with multiple combinations of panel cut out holes and panel thickness.
  • Perfect for electrical insulation and mechanical damping.
  • Protects wires and cables against abrasion damage from sharp panel edges.
  • Durable yet flexible Thermoset NBR Rubber is used for its resistance to oils, fuels and other chemicals.
  • Better cut and tear resistance compared to thermoplastic rubber grommets.
  • Rubber grommets add aesthetic value to your application.
  • Circular shape for ease of handling and installation. No tools necessary.
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