A method of molding that typically requires placing a preheated preform of material into the mold “pot” before a plunger applies pressure to the material, forcing the material through a runner and gate and into the mold cavity. Thermoset transfer molding is typically considered more precise and creates less flash than compression molding. This type of molding is great for insert-molding since the molding machine clamp opens and closes vertically and the retention of the insert is more easily attained through a closed mold.

Benefits of Transfer Molding

Transfer Molding Process

  • Precision -  By controlling the flow of the material with a plunger, each part will have a consistent dimension and product quality. This makes transfer molding perfect for creating unique custom shapes and designs.
  • Minimized waste - Since the transfer process we use is so precise, there is less wasted material, resulting in a and more cost-effective production process.
  • Minimal Flash - Thermoset transfer molding, in particular, is highly regarded for its ability to create components with little flash. Flash refers to excess material that escapes between mold parts during the process. With transfer molding, the closed mold design reduces the flash formation, ensuring cleaner and more precise components.
  • Insert Molding Options - Transfer molding is ideal for molding inserts into a part. Insert-molding is a technique where metal or other components, are placed into the mold before the material is injected.

Transfer Molding Applications

Transfer molding is a versatile and widely utilized manufacturing process with a wide range of applications. Its ability to produce intricate and high-quality components makes it a preferred choice in various industries. The types of applications for transfer molding include:

  • Electronics Industry:

    • Encapsulation of semiconductors and integrated circuits.
    • Production of connectors, sockets, and switches.
    • Manufacturing of sensor housings and electronic modules.
  • Automotive Sector:

    • Fabrication of gaskets, seals, and O-rings.
    • Molded components for ignition systems and fuel injection.
    • Production of electrical connectors and sensor components.
  • Medical Device Manufacturing:

    • Creation of medical connectors and sensor housings.
    • Production of disposable medical components, such as catheters and syringe plungers.
    • Manufacturing of surgical instrument handles and housings.
  • Aerospace and Aviation:

    • Fabrication of aircraft electrical connectors and insulators.
    • Production of composite components for aircraft interiors.
    • Molded parts for aircraft lighting and communication systems.
  • Consumer Goods and Appliances:

    • Manufacturing of molded handles, knobs, and buttons for appliances.
    • Production of housing components for consumer electronics.
    • Creation of various household and kitchenware items.
  • Industrial Applications:

    • Fabrication of grommets, washers, and spacers.
    • Production of seals and gaskets for industrial machinery.
    • Molded components for pneumatic and hydraulic systems.
  • Telecommunications:

    • Manufacturing of connectors and housings for communication devices.
    • Production of cable assemblies and connectors for networking equipment.
    • Molded components for fiber optic communication systems.

At Davies Molding, we take transfer molding to the next level with our expertise and state-of-the-art facilities. Our experienced engineers work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and design custom transfer molds that maximize efficiency and precision. With advanced machinery and processes, we ensure precise material transfer, optimal curing, and exceptional part formation.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the transfer molding process itself. We meticulously select high-quality thermosetting resins known for their stability, electrical insulation properties, and impact resistance. By utilizing the best materials, we guarantee the production of durable and reliable components that meet the highest industry standards.

What truly sets Davies Molding apart is our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. From the initial design consultation to the final production, we we partner with you providing unmatched support and guidance at every stage. Our team of experts is passionate about delivering superior results.

At Davies Molding, we combine expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a customer centered approach to deliver exceptional transfer molding solutions. Discover the possibilities of transfer molding and experience the Davies Molding difference.


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