Functional Handles & Components


Handles with switch housing and functional elements for machinery and installation doors. Suitable for applications where locks with interlocks are used. Allows user to carry out switching functions as required. Elements are not connected. Individual control functions can be implemented.


Please contact our Inside Sales Department if there is a custom handle you need developed utilizing our world class manufacturing processes (minimum order may apply).

Features and Benefits of Davies Functional Handles

  • Illuminating handle ledges. Green, yellow and red LED lights used to display operating status of machine.
  • Keypad used in combination with transponder or with integrated pneumatic valve.
  • Emergency stop with variable NC/NO contacts and LED lights.
  • Switch housing equipped with push buttons and/or emergency stop.
  • Solenoid tumbler equipped with locking feature for sliding and hinged doors.
  • Control functions can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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