In the fall of 1991, Davies Molding moved to a suburb of Chicago, Carol Stream, Illinois where it is located today in a 99,000 square foot facility. The facility houses forty-five (45) thermoset compression molding machines, five (5) thermoset injection molding machines and twenty-four (24) thermoplastic injection molding machines, all ranging in tonnage from 20 to 500 tons. We specialize in insert compression molding and insert injection molding. Also on premises are secondary or finishing machines, which are capable of drilling, tapping, set screw assembly, pad printing, hot stamping, branding, engraving, bagging, and sand blasting.

The once small plastic molding company that stood in downtown Chicago is now the largest manufacturer of plastic knobs and handles in the world today. A Davies’ knob or handle can be found on countless products including industrial machinery, lighting equipment, lawn & garden equipment, power tools, cookware, barbecue grills, food processing equipment, medical & lab equipment, electronic equipment, fitness & recreational equipment, and more. Although Davies Molding is well known for its standard knobs, handles and cases, did you know we also have extensive custom molding capabilities? We mold butterfly seat valves and frac balls for the oil and gas industry, as well as automotive, food service equipment, HVAC, lighting, and electrical custom plastic parts.

The Heico Companies is pleased to announce that on March 24, 2022 its subsidiary Davies Molding, LLC completed the acquisition of a world-class, high precision injection molder EA Plastics. EA is a global supplier shipping to international clients in Europe, China and South America  from their 30,000 square ft. facility. Headquartered in Flora, MS., the acquired business adds 15 injection molding presses, a full in-house tool repair shop and a wealth of molding and engineering knowledge to the Davies brand.

“The acquisition of Euro-American Plastics fills a strategic need for Davies Molding. The immediate benefit is found in the additional capacity to support the standard knob and handle production lines currently in Carol Stream along with select items for our custom programs. The Flora location also brings new resources to Davies with its automation capabilities offering competitive processing for high volume production.”