Control Knobs: Unleash Precision and Comfort in Every Adjustment

We offer a full range of control knobs to meet the needs of various industries which is why Davies has become the one-stop shop for the best in control knobs. Our control knobs are engineered to provide exact control over various settings. Whether you need to adjust temperature, pressure, speed, or any other parameters, our control knobs offer smooth and accurate operation, along with fine-tuning adjustment. Plus, we craft Davies knobs for pinpoint accurate graduations, markers, or indicators for enhanced usability and readability. We build our control knobs with the user in mind offering smooth edges, comfortable grips, and optimized sizes, providing a pleasant user experience even in demanding environments. In addition to precision and ergonomics, our control knobs prioritize durability and reliability. By only using the highest-quality molding materials, including thermoplastic and thermoset, we can ensure excellent resistance to wear, heat, chemicals, and impact. With this dedication to utilizing high-quality materials and a renowned reputation for exceptional engineering, our control knobs have earned the trust of countless users as the go-to option.

For 90 years, Davies Molding has been recognized as an industry leader in making top quality knobs which consistently deliver exceptional quality and provide unmatched performance. Our commitment to quality, precision, durability and customer satisfaction has solidified our reputation as one of the nations most trusted and reliable knob manufacturers. We also offer custom molding options, upon request.

Features and Benefits of Davies Control Knobs

Choose the perfect control knob below based upon type, diameter, mounting diameter, mounting type and material

 We offer control knobs in a variety of options including Slide, Instrument, Pointer and Skirted and Two-Shot Instrument and Skirted.






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